About exhibition

Dear friends,

we have no choice but to act in accordance with the current regulations of the Security Council of the Czech Republic in connection with the spread of COVID-19. Since Tuesday evening (March 10, 2020), the Government of the Czech Republic has banned all sporting, cultural, religious and artistic events with the participation of over 100 persons until further notice.

On the basis of this regulation we have to delay the exhibition MODELY, II. year , which was to be held from 17 to 18 April 2020.

We will inform you about the alternative date of the event as soon as we agree with the exhibition center.

Our wish is to organize the exhibition in autumn.
Thank you for your understanding
For the organizing team

Václav Janko


When, where for how much?
17.-18. 4. 2020 9:00 – 17:00 (Friday and Saturday)
In the area of PVA EXPO PRAGUE, Beranových 667, Prague 9 – Letňany
One-day ticket for the visitor 100CZK.

And what will be waiting for you?
You will meet with the latest products of our and world producers.
Our modelers will also show their products, they will exhibit and show them on special areas.
Because the exhibition Models is selling, you will certainly take away some joy at a bargain price as last year.

Why the sales exhibition Models?
Let’s face it, that modelers lack the opportunity to “touch” goods at the time of online shops and retailers, manufacturers lack customer contact and personal feedback. That is why the organizers are trying to resurrect the idea of a sales exhibition as we remember it from earlier times, when everyone on the same exhibition, both sellers and manufacturers from the Czech Republic and abroad.
I would like to add a nostalgic suffix to the roots of this sales exhibition.